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Who are we?

All good stories begin in an everyday, drab, even boring world. This is why our Explorer decided to set off walking one day, because this is how you blaze a trail, with a first step.

On one of these walks, our heroine got lost in a thicket while looking for the way and, she still doesn't know how, found herself in a world of fantasy, colours - and fun, too! She didn't hesitate to go in to see what was going on. But what she found wasn't a What but a Who.

The Inventor was busy working the gears of his machine, a complicated, noisy contraption. Suddenly he cried out, "Eureka!", and the machine started making soap bubbles.

The Explorer and the Inventor got on immediately, and he persuaded her to get into a bubble with him to go up to a castle in the clouds. They floated away in the bubble, up over the clouds. When they got there, they burst the bubble when they saw the castle.

This was the home of the last of our heroes, the Magician. They decided to work together to bring a little of this fantasy, a little of this colour and even a little of this fun into the world. So, loaded with vials of fantasy, colour and fun, they climbed into a paper aeroplane to go back down to the world below the clouds and through the dense thicket.

But this isn't the end of the adventure - it's only the beginning. Are you with us?

We always approach our natural setting with maximum respect for the environment and its sustainability.

We put maximum care and rigour into creating games based on historical facts, moments or heritage, taking care over every detail.

We're keen gamers and our passion for playing runs right through, putting our all into every challenge until we finally achieve success.

Meritxell Omella


David Vallès


Virgínia Camps


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