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Ludi Artis is a tourist, interpretative and historical gamification company that sets out to merge the enjoyment of playing and solving puzzles with the explanation of historical and/or natural heritage in a fun, narrative way, by designing digital and/or physical activities.

We innovate and strive to create tourist and educational activities through play to excite, motivate and empower users by encouraging them to discover the region. This is aimed at both local visitors and those from further afield, enhancing their experience and enjoyment in a fun, original way.

We use gamification techniques to develop educational projects and interpretation activities, always with an eye to combining the twin goals of education and fun. Therefore, the resulting activities are adapted to different ages and levels of difficulty, and are suitable for groups of friends, celebrations, company groups, team-building and families - in fact, anybody.

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At Ludi Artis we are experts in crafting the games we design, creating bespoke gamified experiences, both digital and physical, for different spheres of action in tourism and education.


We are a top company in the tourist gamification sector, providing distinctive tourist activities to add value to destinations and ensure fun for visitors. Always with a view to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

From the Latin "Ludus"
This means play, entertainment or fun

Artis comes from the Latin "Ars"
This means skill, art or strategy

Who do we do it for?

We aim at everybody who believes in play as an innovative feature to boost users' loyalty, motivation and interest in relation to a visit, activity or proposition.

Private companies and businesses

Tourist resources and sites

Public bodies and organisations

Schools and educational centres